Testosterone Injections

For the performance enhancer there is nothing as common place as testosterone injections; by far it is the hormone that is used more than any other. For the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patient testosterone injections are again very common place as low testosterone therapy is a very common reason for HRT. In either case the same testosterone hormone is used, how you inject and where you inject does not change. The only differences between testosterone injections for performance enhancement versus testosterone injections for HRT purposes will be in the total dosing of the hormone applied and how often you inject.

When to Apply Testosterone Injections:

Testosterone is a hormone that can be used at any time. For the performance enhancer it is just as good for bulking as it is for cutting. In most cases it does not matter what time of day you perform your testosterone injections but it is often wise to do so when you are clean, say right after a shower as to keep things as sanitary as possible. Contrary to popular belief injecting right before a workout is not going to make your workout any better; its not going to make it any worse either; it really doesnt matter. The best time to perform your testosterone injections is any time of the day; just stay on schedule and find the time that works best for you.

Where to Perform Testosterone Injections:

Testosterone injections can be applied into most any muscle on the body and within many of the muscles there are multiple points that can be injected; however, some muscles only have one point that can be injected. Without question the two most convenient spots to perform an injection are in the glutes and deltoid muscles; regarding the deltoids were referring specifically to the lateral head or Side Delt. Not only are glutes and deltoids easy to inject they are also the most comfortable to inject in most cases and absorb the hormone a little more efficiently than any other muscle. Of course no matter where you inject its all going to the same place, its all entering the blood stream eventually. This is an important note because a long standing myth is that the muscle injected will experience greater growth and this simply isnt true. The hormone does not sit and work on the muscle injected; it disperses and makes itself useful throughout the body.

Beyond glutes and deltoids testosterone injections can be performed in the biceps, triceps, lats, quads, pecs, traps and calves. While you can perform an injection in any of these spots effectively this does not mean you should. Trap and calf injections are not advised as there are so many nerve endings and a slight mishap can result in a lot of pain. Further, while convenient quadriceps injections are not highly advised as they too possess a lot of nerve endings although much less than calves. In truth theres really never a reason to go anywhere else but the glutes and deltoids, this is generally enough but if you must have another spot stick with muscle groups such as triceps and pecs as a last resort before ever considering other muscle groups.

The Bottom Line:

As testosterone is the most versatile and well-tolerated anabolic steroid of all time testosterone injections should go over smoothly each and every time if done correctly. This means injected with proper form but it also means more so than anything choosing quality testosterone. If you are perfect in your injecting procedures yet your testosterone is less than perfect its going to hurt. If you skimp and buy testosterone that you shouldnt be buying in the first place, if you are left in pain or worse get an infection you have no one to blame but yourself.